4 Russians Moat

June 1815-  the French General ‘Bourck’ is the commander inside The Citadel.

He has been given the order by Napoleon, to abandon The Citadel so he could retreat properly after his defeat in Waterloo. To abandon The Citadel means to abandon his wounded soldiers.

So Bourck says 'F*** you, I'm staying'.

This started a 6 month siege of The Citadel.

At the right side of the River, French soldiers are aiming their cannons to The Citadel

To the left side of the River, Prussian Soldiers (Prince August) tried to enter by force, the same Fortress.

None succeed Napoleon gave up 3 months later.

The Prussians gave up 6 months later.

The siege ended in a gentlemen agreement. January 1st 1816, 7000 Rusian soldiers entered through the main gate of The Citadel.

23 October 1818, the same Russian General ‘Baron Karl Federovich Lowenstern’ handed over the keys of The Citadel to the French King Louis XVIII.

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