Free entrance

Entrance to The Citadel

When the CCARM has finiched the needed work, The Citadel will be free to visit.

Members of the public can without any obligation drive up to the Place d'Armes . Only 2€ will be asked were you will be given a drink in the cafetaria for it. 

While visiting The Citadel you can admire the view over the River Meuse. You can also visit freely several bunkers and buildings such as The Old Church and many other different structures.

As you enjoy your journey through the historic venue, you can stop of at our cafeteria and enjoy a beverage.

Several shops will open which includes an art gallery and an antiques dealer. A gift and Craft shop as well as sports store will open their doors soon.
The little ones can enjoy the bouncy castles or playgrounds on The Citadel.

Every Sunday there will be a small event such as a flea market or a farmers market; On occasions there will be events for Christmas, Paintball, climbing or painting workshops.

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