Fort Conde

Located near the Citadel, Fort Conde is built around a rock that was originally topped by a watchtower, the Maugis, later called the Tower Villahermosa. This is the name of the Governor of the Spanish Netherlands at the time when GIVET was in Spanish possession. The Fort is owned by the town of Givet.

After connecting Givet to France in 1678, this tower is shaved and Vauban commissioned the central redoubt cut in the rock, which is described in 1699 as we can see today. From 1725 to 1732 , this redoubt is included within a much larger work, the Fort Conde, which will have little change in the future. Its role was to forward defense of the Fort of Charlemont, North side (Ridge of Agimont) and the North West side (Plateau Foisches and Doische).

Fort Conde, included in the Inventory of Historical Monuments (ISMH), is currently being restored to promote this heritage .

Fort Conde is located in the plain about 500 meters from the Citadel of Charlemont .